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G'day everyone,

2020 has certainly become a very uncertain time for Australia and the world with the Corona Virus (Covid-19) taking great toll in not only the music world but all areas of work, business and personal life as well.

But as they say, 'We are all in this together' and so I sincerely hope that ‘together’ (socially distanced) we will all be able to safely navigate our way through this storm over the coming months.



The deadline for the JULY Edition is the 20th of MAY.

With the ongoing situation of 'tough times' for our musician members with cancellation of festivals/events around the nation due to the Corona Virus (Covid 19) the ABBA are offering our musician members (with CD product) a special ad price to advertise CD/DVD product in the JULY and OCTOBER 2020 editions.

The artist may list all product/s or product deals in a Banner or Small ad priced at just $20 (inc GST).
(normal Ad rate $65 inc GST) *

The artist may also include a 300-word article with their ad, whether that be a bio or a news article, along with a photo of themselves or act.

Artists may of course submit a new album for review in the bulletin (as normal).
Please forward all albums for review to The ABBA, PO Box 90, Tamworth 2340 NSW.

This ad rate special will ONLY apply to the JULY & OCTOBER 2020 editions (until otherwise indicated), and only ARTISTS can take advantage of the ad price.

Interested artists may email details/info to info@bushballadeers.com.au

* The ABBA website Adrate page has been updated to reflect these new ad rates as have the Paypal payment option for those wishing to prepay for an ad on the same page.



In closing on behalf of the ABBA committee, we extend our best wishes to all members and industry friends.

May you and yours stay safe, and in good health through these very testing times.

If you wish to catch up about the bulletin, or have a chat, give me a call anytime via 0428 480 545.

Take care mates.

Kind regards
Peter Coad OAM
0428 480 545
ABBA: info@bushballadeers.com.au




The Alan Luscombe Memorial
2019 Finalists & Winners Marked *

Ashley Cook – “The Five Stars”
Jeff Brown – “More Times than I Remember” *
Bruce Lavender – “Riding Out the Storm”

Anita Ree – “Sweet Sugar Cane”
Laura Downing – “Home is Waiting Here” *
Dianne Lindsay – “The Bridge”

Gary Ellis & Tessa Libreri – “I’ll Be Home Soon”
Dianne Lindsay & Peter Simpson – “Out There” *
Laura Downing & Glenn Jones – “Rolling Wagons”

Lindsay Hammond – “Big Gulf Rivers” *
Peter Simpson – “When the Currawongs Come Down”
Terry Bennetts & Ginger Cox – “Slim Dusty Medley”

Peter Simpson – “Bush Picker Collection”
Jeff Brown – “More Times than I Remember” *
Laura Downing – “The Guardian”

John O’Dea – “Back in Birdsville”
Jeff Brown & Kelly Dixon – “After January Rains” *
Dianne Lindsay & Peter Simpson – “Out There”

Ashley Cook – “Two Day Course” *
Bruce Lavender – “Wild Ride”
Jeff Brown – “Tomorrow”

Legend - Kev Groves
Legend - Buddy Thomson & Lynne Bennett


Thanks to all of the artists who nominated for 2019.
Thankyou to the judges.





The Salvation Army Complex Hall (328 Goonoo Road, Tamworth) becomes the 'Balladeers Homestead' during the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

The entertainment venue at the Salvation Army Complex Hall is presented every year by The Australian Bush Balladeers Association, and features a wide array of traditional country music concerts and showcases in the Complex Hall.

The Salvation Army Canteen provides food and hot and cold drinks at the venue and there is plenty of parking for patrons at the back of the hall area.

For more info re the venue, please check


>>>> 'The Balladeers Homestead'

The Association thanks everyone for their valued support of Traditional and Bush Ballad Music, and welcome you all to join us at 'The Balladeers Homestead'.













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